Oil paintings


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Steve W. Miller

Mr. Miller’s work has been seen in television, film and is in many private collections.

Film :

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” (Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer) 2012.
“Sex and The City” (Sarah Jessica Parker) 2010.
“Super-Ex Girlfriend” (Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson) 2008.
“Poison Ivy” (Drew Barrymore) 2004.
“Swimming With Sharks” (Kevin Spacey), 1999

Television :

“Revenge”, ABC, 2013.
“The Material World”, BBC, 2005-2012.
“The Prosecutors”, NBC 1997-99.
“Frasier”, NBC, 1994-2004.
“Sex and the City”, HBO 1999, 2000.
“Art and Business”, CNN, 1999.
“Internet and Art”, FXBTV, 1999.

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